All Aboard to Athens: Journeying through Europe by Rail and Seatraintravel,Europe,Athens,railjourney,seajourney
All Aboard to Athens: Journeying through Europe by Rail and Sea

All Aboard to Athens: Journeying through Europe by Rail and Sea

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All Aboard: The Slow Journey from London to Athens

A Travel Adventure Through Europe

Traveling overland from London to Greece offers a unique opportunity to soak up the atmosphere and scenery of Europe. Despite the inconvenience of a rockslide in the Maurienne Valley, the author embraces the unexpected changes and turns them into opportunities for exploration and adventure.

The decision to embark on a flightless pilgrimage from London to Athens was not just environmentally driven, but also a conscious choice to savor the journey itself. Armed with an Interrail pass, the author begins their adventure in Paris and continues through Switzerland, Italy, and finally arrives in Greece.

A Stop in Strasbourg

On the first day, the journey takes the author from Paris to the picturesque city of Strasbourg. This impromptu stop allows for a quick lunch and some snack shopping at the Marché couvert Saint-Quentin. A four-hour rail journey from Strasbourg through Basel and Zurich brings the author to Klosters, a famous ski resort nestled among snow-capped mountains.

Exploring Switzerland and Italy

The second day is spent exploring the beautiful surroundings of Klosters. Refreshed and ready to continue the journey, the author embarks on an Alpine journey through glaciers and forests, passing stunning vistas of Lake Como, before arriving in Milan. From Milan, it’s a two-hour train ride to Florence, where the author arrives in the late evening.

The following day is spent church-hopping in Florence, immersing oneself in the rich history and beauty of the city. In the afternoon, the journey continues to Naples, prioritizing the hankering for Neapolitan pizza. With limited time in Naples, the author enjoys an exquisite meal at Pizzaria La Notizia, followed by people-watching at Piazza Bellini.

The Final Leg to Greece

From Naples, the trip heads to Bari, the final Italian destination before crossing over to Greece. The train journey from Naples to Bari offers stunning views of both the west and east coast, allowing for a breather on Bari beach before boarding the overnight ferry with Superfast to Patras or, during peak season, Corfu.

After a restful night in a cabin aboard the ferry, the author wakes up to sun-drenched views of the Peloponnese mountains. Disembarking in Patras, a short taxi ride takes them to the center of the city, where a bus transports them to Kiato train station. From there, it’s a brief train ride to Athens‘s Larissa station.

Reflections on the Journey

Arriving in Athens, the author is exhausted but filled with a sense of achievement. The decision to embrace the slower journey and see it as part of the adventure has paid off. It has allowed for unexpected detours and a deeper immersion in the places visited along the way.

This journey serves as a reminder of the joy of traveling overland and the rewards of taking the time to explore and appreciate the beauty of Europe. It encourages travelers to see diversions as opportunities for discovery rather than inconveniences.

Recommendations for Travelers

For those seeking a similar travel experience, an Interrail pass offers the flexibility to explore Europe by train. It allows for spontaneity and the ability to adapt to unexpected changes in the itinerary.

When visiting each city, take the time to immerse yourself in the local culture and cuisine. Try local specialties and explore the lesser-known neighborhoods. In Athens, seafood lovers should consider dining at Atlantikos or Varoulko Seaside for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Lastly, when planning a slow journey such as this, consider staying in boutique hotels that provide a sense of charm and authenticity. In Florence, the 25hours outpost at Piazza San Paolino and the SoprArno Suites offer comfortable and unique accommodations. In Naples, renting a home through Airbnb provides a taste of local life in this vibrant city.

Overall, embarking on a slow overland journey from London to Athens offers a sense of adventure, immersion, and a deeper appreciation for the beauty of Europe. It is an experience that emphasizes the joy of the journey itself, showcasing that the detours can often be the most rewarding part of the travel.


All Aboard to Athens: Journeying through Europe by Rail and Sea
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