"Unveiling the Exotic Escapades of I'm A Celebrity Star Scarlette Douglas' Aruba Adventure"celebrity,ScarletteDouglas,Aruba,adventure,exoticescapades
"Unveiling the Exotic Escapades of I'm A Celebrity Star Scarlette Douglas' Aruba Adventure"

“Unveiling the Exotic Escapades of I’m A Celebrity Star Scarlette Douglas’ Aruba Adventure”

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Scarlette Douglas’ Aruba Adventure: Hidden Gems and Restaurants off the Beaten Track

Introduction and Background

Scarlette Douglas, best known for her role as a presenter on Channel 4’s “A Place in the Sun,” recently embarked on a sun-soaked adventure in Aruba, a Caribbean island. With her Caribbean heritage and her experience on the show, which often features prospective house buyers looking to relocate to Aruba, Douglas was inspired to explore this beautiful island and share her experiences.

Aruba: A Desert Island with a Unique Landscape

One of the most surprising aspects of Aruba for Douglas was discovering that it is a desert island rather than a tropical one. While it still boasts the sunshine and beaches typical of Caribbean islands, its inland landscape offers a distinct contrast. Aruba is arid, rugged, and mountainous, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore various terrains and engage in activities that go beyond the typical beach experience. The breathtaking views, warm hospitality of the locals, and delicious cuisine further enhanced Douglas’ trip.

The Fusion of Culinary Flavors and Aruban Culture

Aruba‘s rich history, influenced by Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch colonization, along with its proximity to South America, has resulted in a unique culinary landscape. The flavors and influences from each of these regions have organically merged into Aruban cuisine. Douglas highlights some of her favorite Aruba restaurants, such as Caya Noord, offering contemporary Aruban cuisine with delightful cocktails like the Margarita Caliente, and Taste My Aruba in Oranjestad, known for its vibrant ceviche and a variety of cocktails and wines. Additionally, West Deck, a beach bar and island grill, offers rustic food and picturesque views of the sea.

Aruba: A Welcoming and Festive Community

Aruba‘s people are known for their warm welcomes and love for celebration. The island’s carnival celebrations span over three months, peaking in February, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the community. Douglas was captivated by the genuine hospitality and the locals’ enthusiasm for partying, which contributed to her memorable experience on the island.

Personal Significance of the Trip

This trip to Aruba held special significance for Douglas as she traveled in the capacity of the UK Ambassador to Aruba. Being able to endorse the beauty and uniqueness of the island in this role was a fulfilling experience for her. It allowed her to utilize the knowledge and skills acquired from her previous work, such as hosting “A Place in the Sun,” to explore new horizons and embrace fresh challenges.

A Day in the Life of Scarlette Douglas on Holiday

As an avid explorer and food lover, Douglas starts her day with a hearty breakfast to provide energy for whatever the day may bring. She sets out to explore the area, always on the lookout for hidden gems not found in guidebooks or online reviews. Instead of lounging and sunbathing, she prefers to immerse herself in new experiences and come across unexpected treasures. Douglas ensures that her day concludes with a satisfying dinner, whether it’s indulging in delicious street food or dining at an exclusive restaurant, as long as the cuisine is fresh and outstanding.

The Impetus to Broaden Horizons and Move Beyond “A Place in the Sun”

Scarlette Douglas acknowledges that her time on “A Place in the Sun” was a privilege, allowing her to travel the world, meet incredible people, and explore fascinating places. However, she felt the need to move on and embrace new opportunities, utilizing the experiences and skills gained from the show to venture into uncharted territory. By immersing herself in local traditions and lifestyles, along with exploring off-the-beaten-path locations, she discovered some of the most extraordinary sights and had the most enriching experiences.

The Importance of Taking a Holiday and Self-Care

As a busy working woman, Douglas recognizes the importance of taking breaks and the positive impact it has on overall well-being. She reflects on her own experience of feeling burnt out physically and emotionally at the end of 2021, which highlighted the necessity of slowing down and taking time to rest and rejuvenate. Douglas emphasizes that breaks don’t have to involve extravagant trips abroad but can be as simple as taking time off to switch off and recharge. Additionally, as someone who suffers from Vitamin D deficiency, Douglas emphasizes the invigorating effects of sunshine, enhancing happiness and personal well-being.

Looking Forward to Return to Aruba

Douglas expresses her eagerness to return to Aruba, driven by her current work with The Aruba Tourism Authority and the direct British Airways flight from London to Aruba. The desire to purchase a holiday home on the island and share the beauty of Aruba with her friends and family further solidifies her affection for the Caribbean gem.


Scarlette Douglas’ Aruba adventure showcases the island’s unique landscape, vibrant culture, and culinary delights. Through her exploration and personal experiences as the UK Ambassador to Aruba, she reveals the diverse and extraordinary aspects of this Caribbean destination. Her story serves as an inspiration for travelers seeking to venture beyond the traditional tourist spots and embrace the wonders that lie off the beaten track.


"Unveiling the Exotic Escapades of I
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