"From USC Alumna to de Beaumont Fellow: Kayla Tilton's Journey in Public Health Leadership"USCAlumna,deBeaumontFellow,PublicHealthLeadership
"From USC Alumna to de Beaumont Fellow: Kayla Tilton's Journey in Public Health Leadership"

“From USC Alumna to de Beaumont Fellow: Kayla Tilton’s Journey in Public Health Leadership”

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Meet Monique Franklin: A Member of The Administrative Team

Oct 27, 2023

Monique Franklin, an accomplished individual in the field of public health leadership, is making significant contributions as a member of the administrative team at the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. As the Home Department Coordinator, Monique is responsible for managing human resources and payroll, playing a vital role in ensuring the efficient functioning of the department.

Background and Expertise

Prior to joining the Keck School of Medicine, Monique Franklin acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience, making her an invaluable asset to the team. As a USC alumna, Monique’s connection to the university runs deep, contributing to a strong sense of institutional passion and dedication.

What truly sets Monique apart is her recognition as a de Beaumont Fellow in Public Health Leadership. This prestigious fellowship program identifies emerging leaders in the field of public health and equips them with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a significant impact on the health of communities. Monique’s selection as a de Beaumont Fellow underscores her extraordinary capabilities and commitment to the field.

Crucial Contributions to Public Health Leadership

Monique Franklin’s role as the Home Department Coordinator goes beyond administrative duties. In a field as critical as public health, efficient management of human resources is essential for the success of research, education, and community outreach initiatives.

Monique’s deep understanding of public health challenges and strategies gives her a unique perspective when handling HR matters. By ensuring the department has the right personnel and resources in place, Monique contributes significantly to the execution of the department’s mission to advance population and public health sciences.

Importance of Effective Administration in Public Health

While public health initiatives heavily rely on research breakthroughs and medical advancements, it is crucial not to overlook the significance of effective administration and coordination. The efforts of individuals like Monique Franklin ensure that the administrative side of public health organizations runs smoothly, allowing researchers, educators, and healthcare professionals to focus on their critical work.

Public health administration plays a pivotal role in establishing policies, managing resources, and overseeing operations. Without efficient and competent administrative support, public health organizations would struggle to achieve their goals and make a substantial impact on communities.

Editorial: Recognizing the Unsung Heroes in Public Health

Amidst the countless stories highlighting medical breakthroughs and research success, it is imperative to shine a light on the unsung heroes working behind the scenes. People like Monique Franklin, although less visible, are indispensable to the functioning of public health organizations. Their dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts contribute significantly to the overall success of initiatives aimed at improving population health.

Public health administration must be recognized and supported, as it forms the backbone on which research and medical advancements are built. Without individuals like Monique, the accomplishments and progress made in the realm of public health would be severely impeded.

Advice for Aspiring Public Health Administrators

For those considering a career in public health administration, the example set by Monique Franklin is one to emulate. Here are a few key pieces of advice to keep in mind:

1. Pursue Education and Training

Obtaining a strong educational foundation in public health administration or a related field is essential. Seek out reputable programs that provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in areas such as strategic planning, organizational management, and policy development.

2. Gain Practical Experience

Internships, volunteer opportunities, and entry-level positions in public health organizations can provide invaluable hands-on experience. These opportunities allow individuals to develop a deep understanding of the challenges and intricacies of public health administration.

3. Build Professional Networks

Cultivating professional relationships within the field of public health can open doors to mentorship, career guidance, and potential job opportunities. Attend conferences, join professional organizations, and connect with experienced administrators who can provide valuable insights.

4. Stay Informed and Adaptable

Public health administration is a dynamic field that requires ongoing learning and adaptability. Stay updated on the latest trends, policy changes, and technological advancements that impact the administration of public health organizations. Embrace continuous learning and be prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise.

5. Embrace the Mission of Public Health

Public health administrators play a vital role in improving the well-being of communities. Embrace the mission of public health and remember the importance of working towards equitable access to healthcare, disease prevention, and the improvement of population health outcomes.


In the world of public health, the importance of competent administrators cannot be overstated. Individuals like Monique Franklin, with their expertise, dedication, and contributions, ensure that the wheels of progress in public health continue to turn smoothly. Aspiring public health administrators should draw inspiration from Monique’s example, focusing on education, experience, networking, and a deep commitment to the mission of improving population health.


"From USC Alumna to de Beaumont Fellow: Kayla Tilton
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