Cycling Giants Wiggle and Chain Reaction Teeter on the Edge of Bankruptcywordpress,cycling,giants,wiggle,chainreaction,bankruptcy
Cycling Giants Wiggle and Chain Reaction Teeter on the Edge of Bankruptcy

Cycling Giants Wiggle and Chain Reaction Teeter on the Edge of Bankruptcy

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Wiggle and Chain Reaction facing insolvency after financial woes


Wiggle Chain Reaction, a well-known sports e-commerce company, is facing an uncertain future as its parent company, Signa Sports United, intends to file for insolvency. This announcement comes after Signa Sports United experienced “severe liquidity and profitability challenges” and announced its intention to restructure and delist from the New York Stock Exchange. The decision to terminate a financial commitment from affiliate company Signa Holdings has put Wiggle Chain Reaction in a difficult position, leading to the possibility of insolvency.

The Financial Challenges:

Signa Sports United, the parent company of Wiggle Chain Reaction, has been facing financial difficulties due to a lag in demand for its products during the first nine months of 2023. Despite some economic indicators showing slight improvement, the company’s products have not reached the levels seen in 2022 and pre-pandemic times. As a result, Signa Sports United has decided to evaluate its operating model, including terminating or winding down non-performing assets to improve its liquidity position and financial profile.

Impact on Wiggle Chain Reaction:

Wiggle Chain Reaction appears to fall into the category of non-performing assets, and as a result, the company has informed its business partners about its intention to file for insolvency. The withdrawal of committed unconditional funding by Signa has pushed Wiggle Chain Reaction into a dire situation. However, there remains some speculation regarding whether or not insolvency will indeed occur. This development follows Signa Sports United’s acquisition of Wiggle Chain Reaction in December 2021 when the company settled a significant portion of its debt.

Financial Performance:

Wiggle Chain Reaction’s annual report and financial statements for the year ended September 30, 2022, revealed a pre-tax loss of over £97 million. The company generated more than £252 million in revenue, with 38% of revenues coming from international territories outside of the UK. Although sales were down by 32% compared to the previous year due to the reduction in pandemic-related benefits, they were still 7% higher than the year before the pandemic. However, international sales declined by 26% in the same period, with Wiggle Chain Reaction attributing this decline to the impact of Brexit and the higher duty and fulfillment costs that necessitated higher pricing.

About Signa Sports United:

Signa Sports United is a global sports e-commerce specialist company headquartered in Berlin. The company owns multiple businesses in various sports industries, including cycling, tennis, and outdoor sports. It has partnerships with over 1,000 brands and operates more than 80 online sites and 500 shops, serving approximately 6.7 million customers worldwide. In addition to Wiggle Chain Reaction, Signa Sports United’s portfolio includes Tennis-Point, Tennis Pro, Tennis Express,, Bikester, Probikeshop, Campz, Addnature, Outfitter, and bike brands Nukeproof and Vitus.

Editorial and Analysis

A Perfect Storm:

The financial challenges faced by Signa Sports United have created a perfect storm for Wiggle Chain Reaction. The company’s dependence on the parent company’s financial support, coupled with Brexit-related issues and the ongoing economic uncertainties, have ultimately led to this critical situation. The decline in international sales due to Brexit, higher duty costs, and increasing fulfillment expenses has negatively impacted Wiggle Chain Reaction’s financial performance. These challenges were further exacerbated by the withdrawal of funding committed by Signa, leaving the company with limited options to sustain itself.

The Impact of Insolvency:

If Wiggle Chain Reaction indeed files for insolvency, it will have significant consequences for the company, its employees, and its business partners. Insolvency proceedings will likely result in the liquidation of assets to satisfy outstanding debts, potentially leading to the closure of operations and job losses. Furthermore, suppliers and business partners may suffer financial losses if they are unable to collect outstanding payments. The cycling industry, which relies on strong and reliable retailers like Wiggle Chain Reaction, will be impacted by the potential loss of a major player in the market.

Advice and Recommendations:

In light of the uncertainty surrounding Wiggle Chain Reaction’s future, it is crucial for customers and suppliers to consider their options prudently. Customers who have ongoing orders or pending transactions should monitor the situation closely and be prepared for potential disruptions or delays. It may be wise to explore alternative retailers to ensure uninterrupted access to cycling equipment and accessories. Suppliers and business partners should carefully assess their exposure to the company and consider contingency plans to mitigate potential losses. Diversifying partnerships and strengthening relationships with other retailers could help mitigate the impact of Wiggle Chain Reaction’s potential insolvency.


The financial difficulties faced by Wiggle Chain Reaction as a result of Signa Sports United’s challenges have put the company’s future in jeopardy. The possible insolvency of Wiggle Chain Reaction, if it does occur, would have significant consequences for the company, its employees, and its business partners. It serves as a reminder of the fragility within the retail industry and the potential impact of economic uncertainties. Moving forward, all stakeholders must navigate these uncertain times with caution and adaptability, ensuring they are well-prepared to withstand and overcome such challenges.


Cycling Giants Wiggle and Chain Reaction Teeter on the Edge of Bankruptcy
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