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Apple Alert: Accusations Surface of Government-Sponsored Phone Hacking in India

Apple Alert: Accusations Surface of Government-Sponsored Phone Hacking in India

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India Opposition Accuses Government of Phone Hacking, Apple Issues Alert


Several Indian opposition leaders have alleged that the government attempted to hack into their phones after receiving warning messages from Apple. The alert sent by Apple stated that the recipients were being targeted by state-sponsored attackers, though it did not specify who these attackers could be. Federal ministers have dismissed the allegations, calling it “destructive politics,” but have also stated that they will investigate the matter. Around a dozen opposition politicians, including members of the Congress party and other prominent figures, have confirmed receiving the message from Apple.

The Opposition’s Response

The opposition leaders who received the alert have expressed their concerns but remain undeterred. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated at a press conference that he and several people who worked in his office received the alert, adding that he was not intimidated by the hacking attempts. He said, “We are not scared… if you want to take my phone, I will give it to you.” Some journalists, including Siddharth Varadarajan, also reported receiving the message.

The Government‘s Stance

Federal information technology minister Ashwini Vaishnaw responded on X (formerly Twitter), stating that the government has requested Apple’s cooperation in the investigation. The government aims to obtain real and accurate information regarding the alleged state-sponsored attacks. BJP minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar later confirmed that his colleague Piyush Goyal had also received the alert. BJP leaders dismissed the allegations and placed the responsibility on Apple to clarify the meaning of the notification. They claimed that the opposition was resorting to false allegations due to their lack of issues against the government.

Apple’s Perspective

On its support page, Apple explains that state-sponsored attackers are well-funded and sophisticated, and their attacks evolve over time. They specifically target a small number of individuals and their devices. However, Apple does not provide specific details about what prompts them to issue these threat notifications, as it could help attackers adapt their behavior and evade detection in the future. Apple has not responded to questions from the BBC regarding the matter.

Analyzing the Situation

Technology analyst Prasanto K Roy stated that companies like Apple look for patterns of activity to detect large-scale coordinated malware attacks. He mentioned that it is technically possible to attribute such attacks to a particular country or known state-sponsored agencies. However, Apple may be hesitant to attribute the attacks to any specific actor.

Previous Surveillance Allegations

Several opposition leaders in India have previously accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government of placing them under surveillance. In 2019, WhatsApp filed a lawsuit stating that Indian journalists and activists were among those targeted by Pegasus, a surveillance software developed by Israeli firm NSO Group. The Wire, an Indian website, reported in 2021 that more than 300 numbers listed in a leaked database of NSO’s government clients belonged to Indians. Additionally, there were previous reports that India acquired Pegasus from Israel as part of a defense deal in 2017, though the government denies purchasing the spyware.


The allegations of phone hacking and surveillance raise significant concerns about privacy and the democratic process in India. If the opposition’s accusations are true, it suggests a worrisome erosion of civil liberties and potential abuse of power. The government must handle the investigation transparently and address the concerns raised by opposition leaders. Apple, as a major technology company, should also provide adequate information and cooperate with authorities to shed light on the alleged attacks.


The accusations of phone hacking by the Indian government, as claimed by opposition leaders, are a cause for concern. The government should address these allegations seriously and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the truth. Any violation of privacy or abuse of power undermines the democratic principles upon which the country is built. Apple, as a technology giant, should also play a responsible role in safeguarding user data and assisting authorities in their investigations while respecting individual privacy rights. These incidents highlight the need for strong cybersecurity measures and stricter regulations to protect individuals from state-sponsored attacks.


Apple Alert: Accusations Surface of Government-Sponsored Phone Hacking in India
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